[netcdf-java] A farewell message

Dear THREDDS and Netcdf-Java community,

My last day at Unidata will be tomorrow, September 17th, 2021. It was not
an easy decision, to say the least, but I believe this is the right choice
for my family and me. It has been my pleasure to serve you over these past
ten years.

Unidata will continue to host and support the development of the THREDDS
stack. Hailey Johnson will be taking over as project lead, and will be
reaching out to you with some details for future plans for the netCDF-Java
library and the TDS. The roadmap that Hailey is working on contains many
exciting developments for the future, and I look forward to watching and
helping, in a very limited way, these developments move forward as a
community contributor.

As always, projects like netCDF-java and the TDS rely upon community
interactions and contributions to be sustainable. Contributions to the code
base, documentation, tackling issues, and answering questions on the
mailing lists are all ways that you can help keep these efforts moving into
the future. Such efforts will be incredibly helpful during the next several
months as Hailey continues spinning-up on the THREDDS efforts, and your
continued support and patience will be greatly appreciated throughout this
transition period.

With gratitude and hope for the future,

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