[netcdf-java] AGU Fall Meeting Call for Abstracts: “Advancing the CF Conventions for NetCDF”

Hi all,

The 2021 AGU Fall Meeting <https://www.agu.org/Fall-Meeting> will be held
13-17 December 2021, in-person in New Orleans, Louisiana and online.

The abstract submission deadline for the AGU Fall Meeting is 4 August 2021.

Please consider submitting an abstract to the “Advancing CF Conventions for
NetCDF” session (details below).



Session Title: IN008. Advancing the CF Conventions for NetCDF

Section: Earth and Space Science Informatics

Session link (submit abstracts here):

The CF (Climate and Forecast) Conventions are a community-developed
standard for describing Earth system science data using netCDF. The CF
Conventions can encode information that describes a coordinate system, data
structure (e.g., station, sounding, gridded), and the geophysical meaning
and units of each variable. It is widely used by weather and climate
scientists and remote-sensing researchers and is gaining traction in new
communities, such as biogeochemistry and operational weather prediction.

This session will focus on efforts to extend the existing CF metadata
conventions; recent advances in the broader netCDF ecosystem; and
engagement with interested international organizations and standards bodies .


Ethan Davis, UCAR Unidata

Daniel Lee, EUMETSAT

Antonio S Cofiño, Santander Meteorology Group

Kevin O'Brien, University of Washington/CICOES
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