Re: [netcdf-java] problem opening track file

Greetings Jeff!

The minimum you will need to do is use NcML to identify the different
coordinate axes using the _CoordinateAxisType attribute, like so:

<netcdf xmlns="";
  <variable name="LATITUDE_DECIMAL_DEG_20Hz">
    <attribute name="_CoordinateAxisType" value="Lat" />
  <variable name="LONGITUDE_DECIMAL_DEG_20Hz">
    <attribute name="_CoordinateAxisType" value="Lon" />
  <variable name="GPS_ALTITUDE">
    <attribute name="_CoordinateAxisType" value="Height" />
  <variable name="Time">
    <attribute name="_CoordinateAxisType" value="Time" />

Using this NcML, I was able to get toolsUI to recognize the file as a
trajectory dataset. There is a Nimbus coordinate system builder, but it is
looking for different variable names to annotate with the axis type
attributes (otherwise, this would work out of the box).



On Thu, Jul 15, 2021 at 6:51 AM Jeff McWhirter <jeff.mcwhirter@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Unidata folks,
> I have a netcdf file that is supposed to be aircraft track data. The CDL
> can be viewed here-
> And the file can be downloaded here:
> I am unable to open it as a trajectory or as a point using the
> ucar.nc2.ft.FeatureDatasetPoint class.
> Any ideas?  Maybe an NCML trick? It is data from the South Dakota School
> of Mines T28 plane that EOL converted.
> Thanks
> Jeff
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