[netcdf-java] NetCDF-Java library version 5.2.0 Released

The Unidata THREDDS Development Team is happy to announce the availability
of version 5.2.0 of the NetCDF-Java/Common Data Model (CDM) library. Of
particular note with the 5.2 release is the reorganization of the gradle
modules used in the project, which has resulted in a change in the
published maven artifacts. For details on these changes, please visit


This move is a stepping stone towards supporting the Java Platform Module
System in future releases of netCDF-Java. At the very least, this change
will require updating your build infrastructure to use the new cdm-core
artifact instead of cdm.

For more information, including specific changes and download links, please
see the full announcement on the Unidata netCDF-Java GitHub release page at:



The Unidata THREDDS Development Team
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