[netcdf-java] Detecting missing values in sequence?


I wondered how I can detect missing values in a sequence.

For numbers in variables (integer, double, ...) I can detect missing values 
with this code:
// VariableDS variable
// Integer/Double/... value
if (variable.isMissing(value.doubleValue())) {
} else {

As far as I read your sourcecode a missing is not possible for strings and 
chars. Enhanced enums sometimes are resolved to the string "Missing value", 
which can be detected, but not all enums have a value named "Missing value".

I am not so familiar with BUFR, but here
you can read "Each element in the data section of a BUFR can be missing".

Indeed the value "Temperature-air_temperature" in a sequence (of a BUFR file) 
has a value of -1 Kelvin, which is impossible. After enhance this value is 
changed to NaN. Since I have no "isMissing"-function in StructureData, I am not 
sure, how I should check for missing values. I could check for NaN for 
Double/Float but what for Integer/Byte/Short/... ?

Kind regards


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