[netcdf-java] Updating bufr tables to version 32 (current version)


thanks to John, I was able to completely read many of my bufr-files. All 
successful read files contained a so called "sequence 309052". According to 
"/resources/bufrTables/readme.txt" version 5.0.0 of netcdf-java contains the 
bufr tables version 22. Details can be found here:

Newer bufr-files, which I have to read contains the "sequence 309057". This 
sequence is not available in version 22, but is available in the latest version 
(32) of the bufr tables. Details here:

Reading such new bufr-files give me the error "BUFR file has incomplete 
tables", while using ToolsUI 5.0.0 as well as with my own reader.

says, that you can use "BufrTables.addLookupFile("filename.csv");" to read 
other bufr-tables. But the given documentation for the required csv-files 
doesn't help me. For example the mode "cypher" shown in the examples is not 

Can you help me updating the included bufr-tables to version 32?

Kind regards


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