[netcdf-java] Reading sequences from BUFR with NetcdfDataset


I have to read the attached BUFR-File with netcdf-java and it works a little 

I opened my BUFR-File with ToolsUI to examine the content. Here was the first 
surprise: The icon 
shows "add Coordinates..." as tooltip. But it is actually the enable/disable of 
the enhance-mode, as stated here
The tooltip should be changed.

Reading variables was easy thanks to the enhance-mode:
try (NetcdfDataset ncFile = NetcdfDataset.openDataset(filename);) {
  VariableDS variable = (VariableDS) 
Float and all other types are correctly enhanced.

Naively I thought reading sequences is easy too. I have to read the sequence 
"obs.Long_time_period_or_displacement" (as an example). Aunt Google showed me 
the function "showNestedSequence" from 
 (can't find it in the current documentation). This function shows me all 
values, but not enhanced. Furthermore 2 nested loops were used. I would prefer 
ONE loop (if possible).

After (I think) thousands of failed attempts, I came to this
try (NetcdfDataset ncFile = NetcdfDataset.openDataset(filename);) {
  VariableDS variable = (VariableDS) 
  System.out.println("Type: " + variable.getDataType());
  Array value = variable.read();
  System.out.println("THIS LINE IS NOT PRINTED");
The following exception is thrown:
java.lang.ClassCastException: class ucar.ma2.ArrayObject$D1 cannot be cast to 
class ucar.ma2.ArrayStructure (ucar.ma2.ArrayObject$D1 and 
ucar.ma2.ArrayStructure are in unnamed module of loader 
org.apache.catalina.loader.ParallelWebappClassLoader @ebbfb89)
        at ucar.nc2.dataset.StructureDS.convert(StructureDS.java:268)
        at ucar.nc2.dataset.SequenceDS.read(SequenceDS.java:84)
        at de.sample.BUFRTest.showNestedSequenceNew(BUFRTest.java:88)
Line 88 is the "variable.read();".
I called your netcdf-lib from a servlet, therefore the "org.apache.catalina", 
but this should not be the problem.

So it seems this sentence is not correct:
"Note that NetcdfDataset is a subclass of NetcdfFile, and so can be used 
wherever a NetcdfFile is used."

Someone suggested to have a look at NCdumpW, which I also did, but this program 
does not enhance any values.

Since I don't want to open my file as NetcdfDataset and again as NetcdfFile, I 
would try to open it as NetcdfFile and manually enhance the values. But no idea 
how to do this. Any good solution for my problem is also appreciated.


Kind regards


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