[netcdf-java] Netcdf-Java and TDS v4.6.13 Stable Release


The Unidata THREDDS Development Team is happy to announce that the
netCDF-Java/Common Data Model (CDM) library and THREDDS Data Server (TDS)
version 4.6.13 were released on February 12th, 2019. These are stable
releases and contain a variety updates to 3rd party libraries which include
security updates, and as such, the development team recommends these
upgrades to anyone using the CDM or TDS.

For more information, including specific changes and download links, please
see the full announcement on the Unidata THREDDS GitHub release page:


If you are running the TDS using Tomcat via one of the standard HTTP
Connectors, you will want to checkout the special note about Tomcat on the
release page.


The Unidata THREDDS Development Team
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