[netcdf-java] eclipse error


I currently using Java 6, Eclipse Helios and netcdfAll-4.3.jar to execte a
simple java example, "CreateNetcdf.java", downloaded from unidata website.

I have included netcdfAll-4.3.jar in the build path. Despite this there are
lot functionalities unrecognised.

For instance,

*Unlimited Dimension, Schema, ProtoVariable, MultiArray, ArrayMultiArray.*

I have done a the necessary research, everything points to the jar. Is there
anything that I am missing.

Kindly do the needful, Thank you.




Not sure what this means:

"*Unlimited Dimension, Schema, ProtoVariable, MultiArray, ArrayMultiArray.*"

are you getting an exception? if so, send it.

Its likely that this is a classpath problem, you might need to talk to
an eclipse expert.

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