[netcdf-java] Netcdf-Java 4.5.3 is now the stable release.

The Netcdf-Java release 4.5.3 (stable) is now ready


This marks the first stable release of Netcdf-Java for version 4.5. Many
improvements, bug fixes, and new additions have been made, including:

* Moved to Java 7 - using new I/O NIO.2
* Updated external libraries (HttpClient 3 -> HttpClient 4)
* Improved projections (MSGnavigation, Sinusoidal)
* New CF geostationary projection
* Updated grib tables (WMO GRIB2_13_0_1, ECMWF Grib 1 to GribAPI v1.12.3,
NCEP tables, etc.)
* Ability to write structure data type to netCDF-3 and netCDF-4
* Webstart related updates for toolsUI

Also, the Netcdf-Java / THREDDS Data Server team have been using the
Coverity code analysis tool and has fixed nearly 3000 defects in the code
base, as revealed through static analysis.

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