[netcdf-java] Erroneous data from linked HDF files

tl;dr There appears to be a bug in NetCDF Java with respect to reading linked 
HDF4 files which results in data that is read from the linked file(s) to be 


  *   ToolsUI
  *   HDFView
  *   The files mentioned below can be retrieved directly from 
 (one at a time), or (for convenience) as one tar.gz file 


I'm reading data from the Aqua MODIS L3 Binned products available from the NASA 
OceanColor<http://oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov/> website. It should be noted that 
these files are HDF4 (4.2.9 according to NetCDF Java - ncdump). Many of the 
products, such as chlorophyll, Particulate Inorganic Carbon, and Sea Surface 
Temperature, come as a single file. The NetCDF library reads these files 
without any difficulty.

However, one of the datasets of interest is the Remote Sensing Reflectance 
data, which is NOT provided as a single file, but as a "main" file and a set of 
subordinate files which are read via the "main" file as needed (see here for 
more information<http://oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov/PRODUCTS/modis_binned.html>):

  *   A20021822013212.L3b_MC_RRS.main
  *   A20021822013212.L3b_MC_RRS.x00
  *   A20021822013212.L3b_MC_RRS.x01
  *   A20021822013212.L3b_MC_RRS.x02
  *   A20021822013212.L3b_MC_RRS.x03
  *   A20021822013212.L3b_MC_RRS.x04
  *   A20021822013212.L3b_MC_RRS.x05
  *   A20021822013212.L3b_MC_RRS.x06
  *   A20021822013212.L3b_MC_RRS.x07
  *   A20021822013212.L3b_MC_RRS.x08
  *   A20021822013212.L3b_MC_RRS.x09
  *   A20021822013212.L3b_MC_RRS.x10
  *   A20021822013212.L3b_MC_RRS.x11

NetCDF Java (via ToolsUI) loads the .main file without issue, and permits 
reading of data variables (i.e. Rrs_412) without raising any errors. However, 
the data returned is not accurate. Below is a comparison of the data returned 
by ToolsUI and the same data returned by HDFView (which uses the HDF-java 
JNI<http://www.hdfgroup.org/products/java/JNI/> library):

Retrieving the first 10 values for variable "Rrs_412"


Screen Capture<http://cl.ly/WZnD>

Opening the .main file in HDFView and looking at the Rrs_412 dataset gives a 
very different set of data:

0.0055423053, 0.0106070135, 0.006894292, -0.0040368317, -0.0020879991, 
-0.0020279996, 0.009794002, 0.011879213, 0.010874448, 0.012330733


Screen Capture<http://cl.ly/WZMW>

Opening the .main file and performing an Ncdump Data of variable: 


float Rrs_412_sum;


  {1.86057E-40, 9.403955E-38, 6.4099753E-10, 2.6076459E-9, 1.0297978E21, 
5.6431478E-11, 0.0, -2.9699963E36, 4.59183E-40, 3.67343E-40, 2.60329423E11}

Also, in ToolsUI, all of the other data variables (i.e. angstrom, aot_869 & 
Rrs_*) all display very very similar (most are identical) values as the 
Rrs_412. This is not the case for HDFView.

Incidentally, reading the data via OceanColor's 
SeaDas<http://seadas.gsfc.nasa.gov/> application (which uses NetCDF Java under 
the hood) results in the same data as ToolsUI.


The evidence above appears to indicate that there is a bug in NetCDF Java 
related to linked HDF files which results in incorrect data reads from linked 

Does anyone have any idea:

a) what could be causing the issue?
b) how could it be addressed?

Thanks in advance,
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