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I am trying to create a forecast model run collection aggregation of NetCDF files using NcML. I am using the Java-NetCDF library v4.3.22 from the Unidata maven repository.

The documentation I found concerning FMRC was here:

The situation I have is the same as that in section 3, case 1 in that documentation (all data for each forecast model run is in a single file). If I use the second example (i.e. using a scan element) this works as expected. However, in the software I'm developing there is no guarantee that all files will be in a single location, and so I would prefer to specify the individual file locations, as per the first example in that section.

Unfortunately this documentation is out of date and the current code specifies that an FMRC aggregation must use either a "scan" or a "scanFmrc" element (see lines 113-8 in https://github.com/Unidata/thredds/blob/6b1052455e597797f3a5980165a23292172920ce/cdm/src/main/java/thredds/inventory/NcmlCollectionReader.java).

Does anyone know if there is a way of creating an FMRC aggregation from a specific list of files, or if there is some more up-to-date documentation on FMRC in general? Any help would be most appreciated.


Guy Griffiths
Reading eScience Centre

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