[netcdf-java] Netcdf4 Subsetting

We are trying to gather some timing metrics using the netcdf-4.3 library.
We were able to quickly put together a test case to copy a test netcdf-4
(classic format) into an enhanced netcdf-4 file.  Currently, we're looking
to expand that test case and use a bounding box to create a subset (still in
'enhanced netcdf') of the original file.


Unfortunately, every attempt to do this subsetting has been met with a road
block.  During our last attempt, we tried using the NetcdfCFWriter class
ocAll/ucar/nc2/dt/grid/NetcdfCFWriter.html> , but then realized that it
would only create netcdf files in 'classic' format. (An enhancement has been
filed with this feature request)


Is anyone aware of a Class that might be able to help us out?  Is anyone
aware of this functionality or is there work around?


Thank you,




Dean Ericson

MIT Lincoln Laboratory


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