Re: [netcdf-java] Creating Gridded Opendap data

On 4/26/2014 4:23 AM, Kohlhase, Jana wrote:
I am developing a new IOSP for reading coverage data from a rasdaman server and I noticed that in the opendap query dataset form of the THREDDS data server, when I am asked to input the range for data of the type Grid, the default option is 0:1:0 instead of the full range as with other variables. Is this intended? I poked around and I found this query form that has the same issue:

If it is not intended, how can I make it display the full range?
Here is my data structure so far:
Dataset {
     Float64 Lat[Lat = 886];
     Float64 Long[Long = 711];
     Grid {
         Int32 pixel_value[Lat = 886][Long = 711];
         Float64 Lat[Lat = 886];
         Float64 Long[Long = 711];
     } pixel_value;
Thanks in advance,

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Hi Jana:

Its apparenly a bug the TDS OpenDAP HTML form, when dispaying the "default" query. You can put any valid range there and it will work.

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