[netcdf-java] Netcdf Java : FileWriter2 how to

Hello guys!

First I'ld like to thank you for your library. It goes incredibly fast to
extract information from a GRIB file!

I am currently developing an application where I would like to store only
the relevant part of GRIB files and to create a sub file for each original
one (in any format supported by netcdf).

I found the classes FileWriter2 and NetcdfFileWriter but I have been
unsuccessful into making them work so far.

I managed to extract the relevant data for each variable I am interested in
by using a regular NetcdfFile and the section method.

I thought by using FileWriter2 I would merely have to call addVariable for
each section I created and then call write.
But I am facing issues with dimensions.

Basically if I do just that I receive an error saying that one of the
dimension on my variable does not exist.
I tried to access the underlying netcdfFileWriter and to add the 3
dimensions I am interested in but if I do so I get an error saying that
dimension name should be unique when I try to call addVariable on my

Could you tell me what steps I should follow to be able to create a file
containing only my freshly extracted section?


Best regards,

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