[netcdf-java] NetCDF-Java - displaying Level2 data


Does anyone here have a basic example of how to view level2 radar data
(convert to a jpg or gif) from the iastate mesonet using NetCDF-Java?
Right now I'm reading in the elevation data and Reflectivity_HI
variable using:

    ncfile = NetcdfFile.open(filename);
    String varName = "Reflectivity_HI";
    String varName2 = "elevationR_HI";
    Variable refl_high = ncfile.findVariable(varName);
    Variable elevation = ncfile.findVariable(varName2);
    Array data = refl_high.read("0,0,:")
    Array data2 = elevation.read(":,2");
I'm not sure why I wrote an index of 2 for the 2nd dimension there,
but it seemed to return an accurate result when I calculated the
minimum element of that 1-d array for the tilt/elevation angle.

I would probably use the python version/wrapper for netcdf, but I am
developing an app for android and it's easiest to use java since there
is native support for it.

Michael Sabino

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