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Hi Don,

> What's the best way to control the logging programatically through log4j

If you are using log4j you can make a file. Something like:

Make sure the file is on the classpath -- either in a JAR file, or in a
directory, at the top level -- and log4j will pick it up.

Or you can use a different SLF4J binding that configures logging
differently. If you have *no* SLF4J binding JAR, then as of SLF4J 1.6,
things will "just work" with no logging whatsoever (version 1.5 and below
throw a nasty exception though).

(Note that I haven't tested any of the above with NetCDF-Java specifically,
but that's generally how SLF4J + log4j works.)


On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 11:47 AM, Don Murray (NOAA Affiliate) <
don.murray@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi-
> What's the best way to control the logging programatically through log4j
> in netCDF-Java 4.3?  I have a couple of applications (IDV and RAMADDA) that
> use the library and the number of INFO messages has exanded considerably in
> version 4.3.   What's the best way to set the logging level or turn if off?
>  I tried following the suggestions on this page:
> netcdf-java/reference/JarDependencies.html
> but was unsuccessful.  If someone has a working example, I'd apprecitate
> the help.
> Thanks.
> Don
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