Re: [netcdf-java] Groups and inheritance of variable, dimension and attribute definitions

On 1/17/2014 9:03 AM, Farrukh Najmi wrote:
Hi Guys,

I am learning the netcdf-java API. My reference point is the following diagram and related resources:

the above is the netcdf-4 data model.

the cdm data model is slightly different:

I understand that variable, dimension and attribute may be defined within a parent group and be inherited by child groups and referenced within the definition of data and variables in that group or a child group. Do I have this right? Whats a good reference to understand the inheritance semantics of variable, dimension and attribute definitions within groups?

the only thing that is formally inherited is a dimension.

To provide some context, I am working on a specification to catalog NetCDF data files into an ebXML RegRep server and a Context Query Language (CQL) context set for querying such a NetCDF using CQL.

The cataloging process needs to harvest metadata about the NetCDF file and its groups, variable, dimension and attribute. This requires having some way to reference groups, variable, dimension and attribute using a unique id. There does not seem to be anything resembling a UUID in NetCDF. Would the FullName be the unique id within the scope of the NetCDF file?


Is there a need for a globally unique id for groups, variable, dimension and attribute (perhaps generated using file url as scope)?

i dont know, not sure how you intend to use the registry. names are generally not standardized, so their meaning is not obvious. CF Convention standard names are one attempt to clarify meaning. hopefully the registry is used on some set of datasets that you understand

Please let me know if my questions are not clear. Thank you.
Farrukh Najmi


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