Re: [netcdf-java] Aggregating NetCDF files programmatically

Hi John and Guy,

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> From: "John Caron" <caron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> One workaround would be to construct the NcML as a string in memory
> and pass it to NcMLReader.readNcML () with a ByteArrayInputStream:
> [...]

This is what we are doing in our Raster Storage Archive (RSA [1] / SpatialCube 
[2]). We have code for constructing an NCML dataset in-memory, and it's 
available under the GPL v3. The code to look at is in this directory:

- AggregationDefinition is the data model (XStream-based)
- AggregationFactory has methods for constructing the model
- AggregationOpener converts the model to NCML and opens the aggregated dataset

There's also RsaAggregationFactory which has special code for interacting with 
our data store.


Alex Fraser
Software Engineer


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