[netcdf-java] Retrieve Init Date from Grib-File

Hi all,

is there a way to retrieve the Init-Date from a Grib-File?

I thought GridCoordinateSystem.getRunTimeAxis() would be the correct method.

However, if I do about the following…

GridDataset dataset = GridDataset.open(gribFile.getAbsolutePath());
GridDatatype grid = dataset.findGridDatatype("Relative_humidity_isobaric");
LOG.info("init={}", grid.getCoordinateSystem().getRunTimeAxis());

…I get…
2013-11-15 14:25:02,324 INFO : App - init=null

…while wgrib has successfully gathered those values:
Losty-MacBook:Desktop jkaehler$ ~/wgrib/wgrib -V dpd_test.grib
rec 1:0:date 2013111300 R kpds5=157 kpds6=100 kpds7=850 levels=(3,82) grid=255 
850 mb 6hr fcst:
  R=Relative humidity [%]

Initdate = 2013-11-13 00Z with leadtime 6h…

We've found the...

public final CalendarDate getReferenceDate() { … }

...from the Grib1SectionProductDefinition.java which actually reads that 
init-date from the Grib file, but we haven’t found where it is used despite of 
some debug output.

Many thanks in advance and Kind Regards,

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