[netcdf-java] [Q] Adding new (or overwriting existing) variables from a different file in NcML?


 I'm wondering if the following composition is possible in NcML. I
read tutorial on the web but I could not find a solution yet.

Let's assume that data.nc has no coordinate variables but geo.nc has.
I'd like to create a data.ncml like below to import coordinate
variables from a separate NetCDF file (i.e., geo.nc) so that I can
visualize data variables in data.nc with IDV by opening data.ncml.

<netcdf location="data.nc">
  <!-- import geo-location data from external file.  -->
  <variable name="Latitude" location="geo.nc">
  <variable name="Longitude" location="geo.nc">

Is the above scenario possible with NcML via netcdf-java?
If so, what NcML tag & attribute should I use to import variables from
external files?


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