Re: [netcdf-java] Writing unsigned data to attributes

Hi John,

Sorry - resending this to include the list.

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> Yes, that should work.

Thanks for that.

> [...]
> If anyone on these lists have further opinions, they would be welcome
> before we standardize on it.

Now that I know how it works, I'm happy with the current situation. But I was 
hoping I could just promote the data type of the fill value for unsigned 
variables - that way I could treat valid ranges and fill values the same way. 
That is, ideally I'd like to do this:

    byte Band1(y, x);
       Band1:_Unsigned = "true";
       Band1:_FillValue = 255s; // short

    byte Band2(y, x);
       Band2:_Unsigned = "true";
       Band2:valid_range = 0s, 254s; // short

But I suspect that wouldn't be backwards-compatible with existing code.


Alex Fraser
Software Engineer

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