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On 6/6/2013 5:37 AM, Martijn van der Pauw wrote:


I am developing an application that handles GRIB files and we use netcdf Java for much of that. One of the demands is that this application must also output (modified) GRIB files. I know this isn't possible with the netcdf library. Is there a technical reason netcdf doesn't support that? And, do you have suggestions for tools (preferably in java) that could handle the wring of GRIB files.



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Hi Martijn:

The technical reason is just that its hard to do well, and we have limited resources.

At a deeper level, I personally think that GRIB and BUFR are not a good format for long-term data storage, because the external table management practices are inadequate, there is no reference library, and the standard itself is difficult and has dark corners with no user group to help explain. This results in files that are not actually interoperable amongst various reading and writing libraries. So I would advocate not using these formats if possible. See for more details.

Having said that, if you, or someone else wanted to develop GRIB writing classes as part of netCDF-java library, we would be happy to publicize and refer others to. I realize that GRIB and BUFR are mandated standards and many have no choice but to use them. Unidata's strategy is to read these formats and provide translation tools to netCDF/CF. This is an ongoing effort that we are very committed to.

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