[netcdf-java] [ANN] Multidimensional Array - MDArray (0.5.0)

I´m happy to announce a new version of MDArray...


MDArray is a multi dimensional array implemented for JRuby inspired by
NumPy (www.numpy.org)
and Narray (narray.rubyforge.org) by Masahiro Tanaka.  MDArray stands on
the shoulders of
Java-NetCDF and Parallel Colt.

NetCDF-Java Library is a Java interface to NetCDF files, as well as to many
other types of
scientific data formats.  It is developed and distributed by Unidata (

Parallel Colt (sites.google.com/site/piotrwendykier/software/parallelcolt)
is a multithreaded
version of Colt (http://acs.lbl.gov/software/colt/).  Colt provides a set
of Open Source
Libraries for High Performance Scientific and Technical Computing in Java.
and technical computing is characterized by demanding problem sizes and a
need for high
performance at reasonably small memory footprint.

MDArray and SciRuby

MDArray subscribes fully to the SciRuby Manifesto (http://sciruby.com/).

"Ruby has for some time had no equivalent to the beautifully constructed
NumPy, SciPy,
and matplotlib libraries for Python.

We believe that the time for a Ruby science and visualization package has
come. Sometimes
when a solution of sugar and water becomes super-saturated, from it
precipitates a pure,
delicious, and diabetes-inducing crystal of sweetness, induced by no more
than the tap
of a finger. So is occurring now, we believe, with numeric and
visualization libraries for Ruby."

Main properties

  + Homogeneous multidimensional array, a table of elements (usually
numbers), all of the
      same type, indexed by a tuple of positive integers;
  + Easy calculation for large numerical multi dimensional arrays;
  + Basic types are: boolean, byte, short, int, long, float, double,
string, structure;
  + Based on JRuby, which allows importing Java libraries;
  + Operator: +,-,*,/,%,**, >, >=, etc.
  + Functions: abs, ceil, floor, truncate, is_zero, square, cube, fourth;
  + Binary Operators: &, |, ^, ~ (binary_ones_complement), <<, >>;
  + Ruby Math functions: acos, acosh, asin, asinh, atan, atan2, atanh,
cbrt, cos, erf, exp,
      gamma, hypot, ldexp, log, log10, log2, sin, sinh, sqrt, tan, tanh,
  + Boolean operations on boolean arrays: and, or, not;
  + Fast descriptive statistics from Parallel Colt (complete list found
  + Easy manipulation of arrays: reshape, reduce dimension, permute,
section, slice, etc.
  + Reading of two dimensional arrays from CSV files (mainly for debugging
and simple
      testing purposes);
  + StatList: a list that can grow/shrink and that can compute Parallel
Colt descriptive

Descriptive statistics methods

auto_correlation, correlation, covariance, durbin_watson, frequencies,
harmonic_mean, kurtosis, lag1, max, mean, mean_deviation, median, min,
moment, moment3,
moment4, pooled_mean, pooled_variance, product, quantile, quantile_inverse,
rank_interpolated, rms, sample_covariance, sample_kurtosis,
sample_kurtosis_standard_error, sample_skew, sample_skew_standard_error,
sample_standard_deviation, sample_variance, sample_weighted_variance, skew,
standard_deviation, standard_error, sum, sum_of_inversions,
sum_of_powers, sum_of_power_deviations, sum_of_squares,
trimmed_mean, variance, weighted_mean, weighted_rms, weighted_sums,

Installation and download

  + Install Jruby
  + jruby -S gem install mdarray


  + Contributors are welcome.


  + http://rubygems.org/gems/mdarray
  + https://github.com/rbotafogo/mdarray/wiki


  + 16/05/2013: Version 0.5.0: All loops transfered to Java with over 50%
      improvement.  Descriptive statistics from Parallel Colt.
  + 19/04/2013: Version 0.4.3: Fixes a simple (but fatal bug).  No new
  + 17/04/2013: Version 0.4.2: Adds simple statistics and boolean operators
  + 05/05/2013: Version 0.4.0: Initial release

Rodrigo Botafogo
Integrando TI ao seu negócio
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