[netcdf-java] Legal use of netcdf-java

Hi all,

Sorry if this is not the proper place to ask the question, but I don´t know
of any other.  I´m planning to publish a JRuby Gem that implements a
Multi-Dimensional Array (MDArray) similar to Numpy and Narray.  The gem is
specifically targeted to JRuby as it uses NetCDF-Java library (Array) as
the supporting array.  The gem will be open sourced and I would like to
distribute NetCDF with the gem, to make it easier on the user.  Is that OK?

I´ve added a NetCDF legal notice I found somewhere in the web that states
that NetCDF is free for any use as long as the legal notice is also

Are there any other things that need to be done?

And to not waist the opportunity, is there any interest from this community
in such a gem?  Anybody willing to look at the code or give advice? Any
requests? Questions?


Rodrigo Botafogo
Integrando TI ao seu negócio
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