[netcdf-java] NetCDF Java and ECMWF, SuperHiRes, Gaussian Grid


We are working on reading some of the ECMWF's Super Hi Res GRIB files,
delivered in GRIB2 format, using a Gaussian grid.

There are some situations where we cannot read some of these files since
the code crashes as soon as we try to open the dataset:

    NetcdfDataset dataset = NetcdfDataset.openDataset(filePath);

We are currently not sure what causes this, since using other tools
(wgrib2) we can access this data. However, using the NetCDF Java library we
get this type of exception as soon as we open the file:

     java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Dimension length =-9999 must be > 0

We'd like to know if you happened to run into this or if you know what
might cause it.

Thank you in advance,

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