[netcdf-java] Feature collection ...


I would like to create a new GRIB feature collection (in fact modified the exixting one), to improve metadata from my GRIB-1 files collections.

But I'm not sure how to start. I requesting your advice how to start and which Classes/methods from netcdf-java is better study to hava a clear picture, how the new feature collenctions works. I have started looking at thredds.catalog.InvDatasetFeatureCollection.factory method, and the thredds.catalog.InvDatasetFcGrib class.

But the thredds.catalog.InvDatasetFcGrib class it's difficult to understand how it's work.

Could you provide me with any hint or advice?

Regards and thank you


Antonio S. Cofiño
Grupo de Meteorología de Santander
Dep. de Matemática Aplicada y
        Ciencias de la Computación
Universidad de Cantabria

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