[netcdf-java] uv component data compression


I am currently trying to read the uv height over ground data of the GFS model, 
e.g. "gfs.t00z.master.grbf00.10m.uv.grib2". The file's size is roughly 400k. 
When I decompress the uv float arrays and save them as zipped files I get 
roughly a file of 1MB (uncompressed 2MB). I suspect the compressed grib data is 
somehow stored as 2 byte float perhaps? As I'm very unfamiliar with the netcdf 
library I'd like to learn more about how the data is compressed and 
decompressed within the grib file. The motivation of all this is that I'd like 
to display the UV data on an android device (which has insufficient resources 
to run netcdf library!) so I need to convert the grib compressed data into 
something more simple but yet efficiently compressed! I'd appreciate any 
pointers to the right documentation or any hints on how the uv data is 


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