[netcdf-java] announce stable release 4.3.15

The Netcdf-Java library and the TDS stable release is now at 4.3.15. Please 
upgrade to this version as soon as possible.


New features:

 * CDM netcdf-4 writing now has several chunking stategies to choose from
 * TDS netcdf-4 writing is now available in the netcdf subset service, using 
GRIB chunking strategy 
 * GRIB reading (including feature collections) have their own cache area, can 
maintain the directory structure of the files and can be configured by the 
user, see:
 * GRIB-2 vertical level 100 renamed from "pressure" to "isobaric" for 
 * WMS code in the TDS is up to date with ncWMS 1.0 release
 * GRIB renaming code and tables are ready
 * CDM Calendar: use gregorian as default Calendar for CF version < 1.7
 * ToolsUI: better image resizing library; new tabs: Writer, CdmIndex, 
 * Bug fixes: datasetScan latest, ncss point writers, others

This version of the TDS is now available for testing on


It will soon be on the production server at:


please note the new server names; using motherlode.ucar.edu  is now deprecated.

Happy Holidays,
John, Ethan, Marcos, Lansing, Sean

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