[netcdf-java] Source paths and package namespaces inconsistence ...

Dear THREDDS Dev Team,

I have cloned the CDM/TDS source and the library was built using maven with no problem.

After that I have imported the maven project into the Eclipse IDE but the It doesn't like that some class has a inconsistent source location with respect to the package which it belongs.

It happens only with the opendap project. For example it happens with the opendap.util.geturl.gui.GeturlApplet class which is in $OPENDAP_SRCDIR/opendap/tools/GeturlApplet.java file.

This is, strictly speaking, java compatible, but I would suggest to make both consistent (source path and package namespace). It appears to me as an incomplete source re-factoritation and what I have made is to put the source files in the path based on package namespace.

It also happens with the classes in the opendap.util.gui package namespace that are in opendap/tools/gui source path.

Thank you and regards


Antonio S. Cofiño
Grupo de Meteorología de Santander
Dep. de Matemática Aplicada y
        Ciencias de la Computación
Universidad de Cantabria

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