[netcdf-java] announce: Netcdf-Java / CDM stable release 4.3.14


Netcdf-Java / CDM release version 4.3.14 is now the stable release.  We 
recommend that you upgrade to it asap in all cases.


In particular, version 4.3 is  a complete rewrite of  GRIB1 and GRIB2 file 
handling. Version 4.2 GRIB handling is wrong in a number of ways, especially 
table handling for non NCEP files, and time interval coordinate handling.  If 
you are using CDM or TDS to read GRIB files, you must upgrade to 4.3 AND 
closely examine the output of any files that you really care about. Check 
parameter names and everything else against the original documentation if 
possible, especially if there is any local parameter use. Please send us any 
files you suspect might be incorrectly read by the CDM library. Note that we 
will not backport fixes to version 4.2. Note that the variable names in 4.3 
will be different from those in 4.2.

In addition to GRIB files, version 4.3 also:

    handles the CF calendar attribute
    allows a new syntax for calendar dates
    implements the official version of the CF 1.6 Discrete Sampling Geometries
    supports client side certificates in OPeNDAP
    has functioning maven builds
    allows writing to netcdf-4 files (BETA)

We will have the source out to github and maven in a few days.


John, Ethan, Lansing, Marcos, Sean

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