Re: [netcdf-java] featureType usage question

Hi Ellyn,

I was able to view the time series data by adding a station dimension and 
adding it the the dimension/shape of the observation variables.

Attachment: 5491sta_with_station_dimension.ncml
Description: Binary data

Tom Kunicki
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On Jul 17, 2012, at 1:48 PM, Ellyn Montgomery wrote:

> Hi folks-
> I manage some data that's "grid" by default, but would better be represented 
> in CF as  Discrete Sample data. When I open the attached ncml in toolsUI 
> V4.3, I get a generally good result, in that the result is understood as a 
> Point Feature (see Screenshot.png). However, shouldn't the featureType show 
> up as "timeSeries" since that's what's in the ncml featureType attribute?  Is 
> the name displayed related to what's part of the Unidata CDM and what's part 
> of CF?  I still have trouble distinguishing where one stops and the other 
> starts...
> If any of you experts notice anything that could be improved in how the ncml 
> is formed, I'd appreciate your comments.
> Thanks! Ellyn
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