[netcdf-java] Calling write from jruby


I know my current problem has to do with jruby and jruby integration
rather than netcdf-java, but maybe someone in the list has experience
in working with jruby and netcdf.  If not, just forget the question!

I´m trying to call netcdf-java through jruby.  I have java-7, jruby and netcdf-4.2.  I´ve managed to create dimensions and
variables without problem. Now I´m trying to write data to a variable
that was created with one dimension of size 5.  When I call the write
method, passing an Array created as [0,1,2,3,4].to_java(Java::int) I
get the following error:

                     no method 'write' for arguments
(org.jruby.RubyString,org.jruby.java.proxies.ArrayJavaProxy) on

I´m pretty sure that the problem is the convertion of the ruby array
to java array.

Can anybody help?

Rodrigo Botafogo
Integrando TI ao seu negócio

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