[netcdf-java] Variable with unlimited dimension

I´m working with netcdf4.2 and java 7.  I´m trying to create a
variable that uses an unlimited dimension.  I´ve created the unlimited
dimension without problem.  I can print it with writeCDL and it shows
fine.  I then try to create a variable that uses this dimension
calling addUnlimitedDimension with the dimensions name.  The result of
the call is:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: illegal netCDF-3 dimension name
    ucar/nc2/NetcdfFileWriteable.java:246:in `addDimension'
    ucar/nc2/NetcdfFileWriteable.java:260:in `addUnlimitedDimension'
    org/jruby/RubyMethod.java:117:in `call'
`test: Building blocks should Create new file for writing. '
    org/jruby/RubyBasicObject.java:1698:in `__send__'

One more point.  I´m using jruby

Any suggestions?

Rodrigo Botafogo
Integrando TI ao seu negócio

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