Re: [netcdf-java] how to download/browse source for netcdf-java 4.2.32 release

Hello David

According the pom.xml file, the source code repository which has been used at that time was:

However, I just tried and it doesn't seem online anymore. I don't know if there is archive somewhere... In my understanding, GitHub is used since NetCDF 4.3 and above, while SVN is used for NetCDF 4.2 and previous versions. Using the URL you provided, the following command:

    svn log

tell us:

r2234 | russ | 2012-06-01 23:24:47 +0200 (Ven 01 jui 2012) | 3 lignes
Copy tag to branch for 4_2, prior to generating tests for netcdf/builds web page.
r2009 | russ | 2012-03-21 02:30:42 +0100 (Mer 21 mar 2012) | 1 ligne
release checkpoint

Since the NetCDF 4.2.32 has been deployed on the Maven repository on April 24th, I think that your best guess would be to use the code at at revision 2009.


Le 18/06/12 23:41, davidm.ccri a écrit :

I would like to view the source code for the 4.2.32 release of netcdf-java
to help me debug an error in an application I am developing using NetCDF.  I
downloaded the release using maven from, but that does not contain the
source code, and I can't find a tagged version of it at or (not sure
which one is currently used).  Can anyone point me to the source for the
4.2.32 release?


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