Re: [netcdf-java] DataType.LONG not supported?

hi tiiv:

On 5/27/2012 3:43 AM, 54 7382 wrote:

I've been trying to implement NetCDF file support for one of our applications. 
I've been trying to store time steps as long values within a variable. But for 
this line of code:

         Variable var = file.addVariable("timestep", DataType.LONG, dimensions);  // 
"file" being the a NetcdfFileWritable object and "dimensions" an ArrayList containing one 
dimension object (time dimension)

I get this exception:

        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: illegal dataType for netcdf-3 
format: long

was Long as a datatype not yet supported in NetCDF Version 3?
And if so, why is it implemented in the DataType class without any hints?

netcdf-java library is for many kinds of file reading, not just writing netcdf-3.

I'm using the netcdfAll-4.2 library, JDK 6 on OSX 10.7.4

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

-- tiiv
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