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Hello all

On the TIFF Image I/O codecs, it may be worth to note a gotcha: all standard image readers (PNG, JPEG, etc.) are correctly found by the javax.imageio API, except the TIFF image reader which (at least on Sun/Oracle Java implementation) seems to appear magically only after a AWT window has been created.

The "Image I/O extension for JAI" ( provides numerous image format, but many of them have bugs and doesn't seem to be maintained anymore. Now, every standard codecs provided in the standard Java distribution seems to be better than the JAI ones, except for the TIFF format: the TIFF reader provided in "Image I/O extension for JAI" seems to be better than the standard Java one.

"ImageIO-ext" is an alternative. Geotk provides also its own TIFF reader, which happen to be faster than the other readers I have tried (I didn't tried all of them) but doesn't support compression.



Le 28/05/12 19:04, Tom Kunicki a écrit :
On May 24, 2012, at 3:01 AM, Jon Blower wrote:
I remember some discussions on this list a while ago about reading in GeoTIFFs 
through NetCDF-Java.  Has anyone achieved this and if so, is code available 
somewhere?  Would be terrific if this is possible.
I have a GeoTIFF IOSP available on GitHub, 
.  It's built using maven and the dependencies will be listed in the pom.xml for the 
project.  While not explicitly listed in the pom, I would strongly recommend utilizing 
the ImageIO-EXT tiff implementation  as it has better handling for TIFF images with 
"scientific" data types (bands with floating point).  In fact there's a bug in 
the Java ImageIO implementation reading these data types with strides.  Access to a 
complete EPSG database is required due to the numerous ways CRS can be defined.  I 
currently use EPSG database CSV dumps from the libgeotiff svn repo but some work has been 
done with plugins to use either the GeoTools or GeoTK referencing APIs (I have a GeoTools 
working but it's not enabled in the current incarnation of the source).  Let me know if 
you have any questions.

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