Re: [netcdf-java] Reading an OPeNDAP URL using a constraint expression.

> > Thanks for getting back to me. 
> > > > > You cant open a dataset with a constraint expression in netcdf-Java. 
> > > 
> > 
> > Interestingly, that's not exactly true. Apparently one can, it's just not 
> > *really* constrained. Or I should say, everything is constrained *except* 
> > the data in the variable. 
> > 
> We've been experimenting with allowing constrained datasets, but obviously 
> its not done. Im of the opinion its not the right thing to do, because things 
> like metadata cant be kept consistent. 
Got it.
We have a project that layers opendap over a SQL database. The only way to get 
*any* data out of the database is to use a constraint expression. I'll have to 
run some tests with NetCDF-Java against it to see what's going with the data 
when we try to fetch it back. But I will say having NetCDF-Java be able to open 
an opendap constraint would be very useful.

Also, I think if someone's is providing a constraint expression, they probably 
already have a good handle on the data structure and metadata. So some slush in 
the metadata might be OK.


-- B 
Brian Schlining 
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