Re: [netcdf-java] announce: netcdf java release 4.2.32

Hi Martin,

yes, we are on the process of making our maven repositories publicly available and still working in our release cycle. Version 4.3.9-SNAPSHOT is now deployed in the snapshots repository:
and we already moved into a new development version 4.3.10 also available in the snapshots repository. When we have this version (4.3.10) stable we'll deploy it into our releases repository and that will be our first version into our releases repository. As snapshot versions are development versions and unstable I think you should only deploy in your maven repositories release versions.


thank you!
On 04/25/2012 07:01 AM, Martin Desruisseaux wrote:
You are welcome! I'm having some hesitation about whatever I should deploy 4.3.9 as well (I did a checkout of the "target-4.3.9" branch from git). I noticed that the UCAR repositories are now online:

but didn't found 4.3.9 on any of them...

Le 24/04/12 18:28, John Caron a écrit :
Thanks martin!

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