[netcdf-java] announce CDM 4.3.9 alpha release

In keeping with the fine tradition of making a release on Friday, and immediately leaving, we are pleased to announce that the CDM 4.3.9 release is now available at:

Because of the many and deep changes to 4.3, we are calling this an alpha release. We hope to get it back to beta very soon. Please try this out in your application and let us know what issues you see. Thanks!

John, Dennis, Ethan, Marcos, Sean

Some of the main features:

1. Building

Everything has been mavenized. If you want to build from source, you need git and maven:

git clone git://github.com/Unidata/thredds.git thredds
cd thredds
mvn install

Note that:
- in order to support the strict Maven module dependency rules, classes may have been moved to different modules.
  - you should use Maven for complicated dependency management
- there are a limited number of variations of the jar files on the web site - just the complete CDM and ToolsUI right now. Let us know if you need others and we will prioritize.
  - the ant builds, and the source release jar, are no longer maintained.

2. GRIB rewrite.

The GRIB-1 and GRIB-2 IOSPs have been completely rewritten. Many errors have been fixed, and if you are reading GRIB, you want to start using 4.3 asap.

Documentation of GRIB is at:


3. GRIB variable renaming:

GRIB names have been substantially changed to deal with various defects in previous versions. In the end, we decided to keep the names as human readable, at the cost that they will change when external tables get changed. But if you have scripts that depend on variable names, you will need to update them to use the new names.

We do have a hueristic mapping of old names to new. However, it is not always accurate, because the old names are dependent on the exact dataset. Some details are here:

4. WMO / GRIB  / BUFR table updates.

The latest WMO tables for GRIB and BUFR are used. GRIB local tables have been updated where possible.

5. HTTPClient usage has been changed; we have wrapped the HTTPClient library to insulate you from future changes. Details are here:


6. Runtime loading of IOSPs:

IOSPs can now be found automatically using javax.imageio.spi.ServiceRegistry, see:


7: Many bug fixes and new features, see CHANGE log:


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