[netcdf-java] UCAR Units package standalone in Maven

  • To: Steve Emmerson <emmerson@xxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [netcdf-java] UCAR Units package standalone in Maven
  • From: Curtis Rueden <ctrueden@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 13:02:48 -0500
Hi Steve (& John & everyone!),

I hope you are well! I am writing with a question about your UCAR Units
Java package.

In recent years, my work has transitioned to visualization and analysis of
biological image data. As part of that effort, my team is developing a new
version of the ImageJ image processing program
(http://developer.imagej.net/has details). For some time now we have
been planning to use the UCAR Units
package to manage units in our data structures.

I noticed that you recently published the C version of UDUNITS on GitHub at:

However, I could not find the Java version available anywhere as a
standalone project.

So I wanted to let you know that I created one:

I also restructured things a little to use Maven as the build system.

Is this project something you would be interested in adopting? If so, I
would be happy to donate it. I know that the NetCDF Java team is in the
process of transitioning to Maven too, so it would be pretty
straightforward to split out Units as a separate dependency. This would
make it easier for third parties to use the library on its own (I have seen
other questions in the Unidata archives about it, so I know I'm not the
only one).

What do you think?

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