[netcdf-java] Data from Lat Lon in 4.3

Following on from previous post to obtain a data for a given lat/lon,
the provided code sample worked in 4.2 but failed in 4.3 ( version
switch as recommended for grib use).  Error was missing  '.rc' file.
Found a reference in docs but need guidance as to contents/structure of
the file.

My interest in the lat/lon function, and my question after resolving the
upgrade issue, is to query a grib file for a specific region.  Gribs
being used may contain Lambert or lat/lon coordinates.  After reading
docs, 'findXYindexFromLatLon' will return a value however if either lat
or lon is not part of the grid it is ??? (there is no logic provided for
how the value returned is determined).  Is there a means to enforce the
determination or to return the inferred grid value?

A parallel query is how to obtain a bounding box of actual grid
coordinates (nearest neighbours) around a specific lat/lon.  From my
perspective, this would satisfy the above question, allowing
determination of values through appropriate interpolation method. 

Insight, guidance, comments: all are appreciated.

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