Re: [netcdf-java] Announcing Netcdf-Java / CDM version 4.3.8 BETA and emergency shutdown procedures

Hello Dave

Le 10/02/12 21:58, Dave Neufeld a écrit :
This may be a lack of understanding on my part, but why are versions not supplied for the supporting dependencies?

I'm not sure to understand the question... In support of edu:ucar:netcdf version 4.3.7, edu:ucar:bufr version 4.3.7 and edu:ucar:grid version 4.3.7, I also deployed edu:wisc:visad version 2011-08-22 and uk:ac:rdg:rersc:ncwms version 1.0.tds.4.2.20110419.2059. They are the version number which were declared in the NetCDF pom.xml. Did I missed something?


BTW, thanks for hosting during the beta phase!

My pleasure :). Thank for all your NetCDF work.


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