[netcdf-java] How do I change global attributes in NetcdfDataset?

Dear NetCDF mailing list

I have made a template for a NetCDF 3 file in NCML. Some (beginners)
question regarding that and Java:

Q1: When I use the ncmlreader and make a NetcdfDataset, is it possible to
change the value of global attributes and variable attributes within the
NetcdfDataset? (I can't seem to find any methods under Attribute that can
handles this)

Q2: What strategy should I consider if I expect to add more data to a
variable after I have created it? I am using  NetcdfFileWriteable to open a
netcdf 3 file. But I can't seem to be able to change dimension sizes, only
write variable values. Neither can I change any attribute values.

Thank you very much for the attention. I am working on using the NetCDF 3
file format in MionChrom, a free chromatography software (

Best regards,
Fred Martin Kaaby
(Amateur software programmer)
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