Re: [netcdf-java] DateUtil vs DateUnit time zone?

Hello John

Le 23/01/12 18:13, John Caron a écrit :
In 4.3 we are phasing out ucar.nc2.units.DateUnit in favor of ucar.nc2.time.CalendarDate, which currently uses joda time to allow non Gregorian calendars. Its not completely done, but some docs are at

Thanks for the information, thats fine for me :-).

Just for information purpose, I'm in the process of writing GeoAPI wrappers for NetCDF:

This is a kind of side-effect of my current work for better NetCDF support in For this community, an interresting benefit (I think) is that the NetCDF library automatically inherits a test suite, which include parts of " Geospatial integrity of geoscience software" tests ( I will post more when I will have those tests running.



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