Re: [netcdf-java] error trying to create union...


I can get the failure from toolsUI-4.2 using the following NcML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<netcdf xmlns="";>

<attribute name="title" type="string" value="Union"/>

<aggregation type="union">
<netcdf location="MYD021KM.A2011331.0400.005.2011332201942.hdf"/>
<netcdf location="MYD03.A2011331.0400.005.2011332200801.hdf"/>


On 12/20/11 4:50 PM, Tom Rink wrote:

Does anybody know what this means:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: VariableDS must not wrap a Structure; name=Level 1B Swath Metadata [java] at ucar.nc2.dataset.VariableDS.<init>( [java] at ucar.nc2.dataset.DatasetConstructor.transferGroup( [java] at ucar.nc2.dataset.DatasetConstructor.transferDataset( [java] at ucar.nc2.ncml.AggregationUnion.buildNetcdfDataset(
     [java]     at ucar.nc2.ncml.Aggregation.finish(
[java] at ucar.nc2.ncml.NcMLReader.readNetcdf(
     [java]     at ucar.nc2.ncml.NcMLReader.readNcML(
     [java]     at ucar.nc2.ncml.NcMLReader.readNcML(
     [java]     at ucar.nc2.ncml.NcMLReader.readNcML(

I'm trying to create a union aggregation between two files.


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