Re: [netcdf-java] THREDDS - Aggregation without dimension variables

On 12/13/2011 3:58 PM, Glenn Comiskey wrote:

Just to confirm I have tried using "joinExisting" declaring the "time" dimension but it fails:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<catalog name="test"

<service name="odap" serviceType="OpenDAP" base="/thredds/dodsC/" />
<dataset name="gsc" ID="gsc" urlPath="gsc">
<netcdf xmlns="";>
<aggregation dimName="time" type="joinExisting">
<netcdf location="D:/aroms/roms20101227/"/> <netcdf location="D:/aroms/roms20101227/"/>

1) so now that ive looked on one of these files, i understand better. this could work in NcML, but you will have to add all the CF coordinate information in the ncml, as theres none in the file.

2) however it all may be in the global attributes (see below), and could be pulled out by a CoordSysBuilder Java class.

to the group: has anyone done anything like this for the ROMS dataset?


:type = "ROMS history file";
 :title = "Malaysia 1/36 degree resolution";
 :date = "";
 :rst_file = "../Output/";
 :his_file = "../Output/";
 :avg_file = "../Output/";
 :grd_file = "../../Data/";
 :ini_file = "";
 :frc_file = "../../Data/";
 :theta_s = 5.0f; // float
 :theta_s_expl = "S-coordinate surface control parameter";
 :theta_b = 0.0f; // float
 :theta_b_expl = "S-coordinate bottom control parameter";
 :Tcline = 30.0f; // float
 :Tcline_expl = "S-coordinate surface/bottom layer width";
 :Tcline_units = "meter";
 :hc = 10.0f; // float
 :hc_expl = "S-coordinate parameter, critical depth";
 :hc_units = "meter";
:sc_w = -1.0f, -0.96875f, -0.9375f, -0.90625f, -0.875f, -0.84375f, -0.8125f, -0.78125f, -0.75f, -0.71875f, -0.6875f, -0.65625f, -0.625f, -0.59375f, -0.5625f, -0.53125f, -0.5f, -0.46875f, -0.4375f, -0.40625f, -0.375f, -0.34375f, -0.3125f, -0.28125f, -0.25f, -0.21875f, -0.1875f, -0.15625f, -0.125f, -0.09375f, -0.0625f, -0.03125f, 0.0f; // float
 :sc_w_expl = "S-coordinate at W-points";
:Cs_w = -1.0f, -0.85533106f, -0.7315868f, -0.6257399f, -0.5352009f, -0.45775497f, -0.39150748f, -0.3348377f, -0.28635934f, -0.2448864f, -0.2094043f, -0.17904502f, -0.15306588f, -0.13083129f, -0.11179732f, -0.095498346f, -0.081535615f, -0.06956755f, -0.059301384f, -0.050485946f, -0.042905584f, -0.036374856f, -0.030733991f, -0.025844999f, -0.021588271f, -0.017859675f, -0.014567994f, -0.0116327f, -0.008981987f, -0.0065510063f, -0.0042802887f, -0.0021142827f, 0.0f; // float
 :Cs_w_expl = "S-coordinate stretching curves at W-points";
:sc_r = -0.984375f, -0.953125f, -0.921875f, -0.890625f, -0.859375f, -0.828125f, -0.796875f, -0.765625f, -0.734375f, -0.703125f, -0.671875f, -0.640625f, -0.609375f, -0.578125f, -0.546875f, -0.515625f, -0.484375f, -0.453125f, -0.421875f, -0.390625f, -0.359375f, -0.328125f, -0.296875f, -0.265625f, -0.234375f, -0.203125f, -0.171875f, -0.140625f, -0.109375f, -0.078125f, -0.046875f, -0.015625f; // float
 :sc_r_expl = "S-coordinate at W-points";
:Cs_r = -0.9248417f, -0.79104364f, -0.6765975f, -0.5787034f, -0.49496666f, -0.42333865f, -0.36206707f, -0.30965304f, -0.26481432f, -0.22645392f, -0.19363344f, -0.16554998f, -0.14151648f, -0.12094502f, -0.103332326f, -0.08824753f, -0.07532161f, -0.06423833f, -0.054726567f, -0.046553623f, -0.039519552f, -0.033452284f, -0.028203381f, -0.023644442f, -0.019663934f, -0.01616448f, -0.013060469f, -0.010275968f, -0.007742855f, -0.0053991624f, -0.003187553f, -0.0010539234f; // float
 :Cs_r_expl = "S-coordinate stretching curves at RHO-points";
 :ntimes = 2160; // int
 :ndtfast = 60; // int
 :dt = 120.0f; // float
 :dtfast = 2.0f; // float
 :nwrt = 30; // int
 :ntsavg = 0; // int
:ntsavg_expl = "starting time-step for accumulation of time-averaged fields";
 :navg = 1000000000; // int
 :navg_expl = "number of time-steps between time-averaged records";
 :visc2 = 0.0f; // float
 :visc2_expl = "Laplacian mixing coefficient for momentum";
 :visc2_units = "meter2 second-1";
 :tnu2 = 0.0f; // float
 :tnu2_expl = "Laplacian mixing coefficient for tracers";
 :tnu2_units = "meter2 second-1";
 :Zob = 0.01f; // float
 :Zob_expl = "VonKarman/Prandtl log layer : roughness scale";
 :Zob_units = "meter";
 :Cdb_max = 0.01f; // float
 :Cdb_min = 1.0E-4f; // float
 :Cdb_expl = "Range of quadratic drag coefficient";
 :rho0 = 1025.0f; // float
 :rho0_expl = "Mean density used in Boussinesq approximation";
 :rho0_units = "kilogram meter-3";
 :gamma2 = 1.0f; // float
 :gamma2_expl = "Slipperiness parameter";
 :x_sponge = 40000.0f; // float
 :v_sponge = 50.0f; // float

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