Re: [netcdf-java] Documentation or Direction on defining dimensions of variables in DODSNetcdfFile

Hi Jake:

Look at

especially the "Reading Data" in the first.

The only difference for opendap is using NetcdfDataset.openFile() instead of, eg:

NetcdfDataset.openFile("";, null);


On 10/20/2011 9:17 PM, Jake Sheck wrote:
UCAR NetCDF mail group,

I am working on acquiring small amounts of GFS, NAM and RUC data from  As a test I am trying to collect the Temperature 
variable for a particular point.  I can easily acquire this data via my web 
browser with this link.[0][2][100][300]

I would like to collect this variable via the netcdf java library.  However I 
can't seem to find documentation on the correct use of the dimensions variables 
in the readSection or readArrays methods of the DODSNetcdfFile.  Could anyone 
please direct me to documentation for these?  I have found that even when I 
specifiy dimenions for a variable it still downloads the complete grid and 
takes much longer than the link above.

Here is an example of what I am trying to do.

String modelFile = 
DODSNetcdfFile ncfile = new DODSNetcdfFile( modelFile );

Dimension time = new Dimension("time", 1);
                 Dimension pressure = new Dimension("pressure",1);
                 Dimension xd = new Dimension("x", 126);
                 Dimension yd = new Dimension("y", 557);

                 List<Dimension>  ds = new ArrayList<Dimension>();

for(Variable v : ncfile.getVariables()){

List<Array>  arrays = ncfile.readArrays( preloadVariables );

Here I get the variable for temperature, but I get the whole set, and not a set 
limited by the dimensions that I set.

Jacob Sheck

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