Re: [netcdf-java] Documentation or Direction on defining dimensions of variables in DODSNetcdfFile

Hi Jake,

Sorry, try NetcdfDataset.openFile( datasetURL)

If that doesn't work with your "http://..."; dataset URL, try changing
the "http" to "dods", like this "dods://...".


On 10/21/2011 9:30 AM, Jake Sheck wrote:
> Thank you Ethan,
> I ended up trying DODSNetcdfFile because it was the only way I could
> get the netcdf library to read from without
> a Content Length error, or Range Access error. I was hoping that there
> was some header that I could add to my request that would allow me to
> query the thredds dods server with these features. The netcdf version
> which I am using 4.2.20, seems to only have static method for dods via
> open(String location, int buffer_size, ucar.nc2.util.CancelTask
> cancelTask, Object iospMessage) which nomads at ncdc doesn't seem to
> support.
> Can netcdf make a query equivilent to[0][2][100][300]
> Thank You
> Jacob Sheck

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