Re: [netcdf-java] NetCDF-4 / HDF5 Write Capability

Perhaps JNI is the best approach. I don't know.

But I do know that using JNI makes Java code not write-once-run-anywhere. That is partly because the non-Java code must be available for all target platforms. Even if it is available, JNI can be very picky -- code has to be compiled with certain versions of compilers and with certain flags. So, using JNI can seem relatively straight-forward for the initial developer ("it works for me"), but be an installation headache for others trying to reuse the code.

On 10/17/2011 10:35 AM, Christopher Mueller wrote:
NetCDF-Java Folks,

We have a need to write NetCDF4/HDF5 files from within a project that
already has a significant framework developed in Java. We also have a
firm requirement to be able to "append" to existing files - which
(unfortunately) takes the Nujan library off the table (at least in it's
current incarnation). I see from the NetCDF-Java FAQ
that you are considering a JNI approach for writing NetCDF4 from NJ, and
I'd like to put my vote in for that. The HDF Team supports JNI Java
modules for Windows, Linux and Mac - wouldn't it be relatively
straightforward to integrate those into the NetCDF-Java distro to give
it NC4 writing capability?

As part of such an addition (including & using the JHI & JHI5
libraries), would you also consider refactoring the current HDF read
support to utilize the JNI libraries?


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